A blogger and survivor’s tale

I am a survivor of parental physical and emotional abuse. I also spent most of my childhood being bullied. One of them almost burned my house to the ground when I was 13. I do not consider myself a victim. I was in situations where I have developed trauma and PTSD. I taught middle school for ten years before my health caused me to retire early. I have no problem talking about recovering from physical and emotional distress because it is therapeutic. Only I make life that happen and I will take responsibility instead of pointing fingers or blaming the world for my problems.

I began writing this blog as a result of seeing all the bullshit out there. I am not looking to go on the stump and preach. I see too many issues that affect us with no answers and speak about them from the heart. Our leaders don’t give a crap and there is so many screaming out there in pain it kills you inside.

I seriously wonder if we have to wait for another 9/11 where people to gave a damn about each other beyond tweets, labels, race, gender and all the other crap we hate on each other.

I pray everyday I am wrong.

But, that’s life folks.