How many more children must die while a blind eye is turned to kids’ mental health?

7 thoughts on “How many more children must die while a blind eye is turned to kids’ mental health?”

  1. I really think that there needs to be a two pronged approach of both gun control and better mental health services for kids.
    I guess coming from a British perspective we don’t have the same gun culture – so it can be a bit inconceivable that tighter restrictions weren’t put in place after the first school shooting.
    But I know of a lot of our teens that are traumatised by losing classmates to suicide; and sometimes I wonder how many of the road accidents were truly accidental. Even with universal healthcare it is too stretched when it comes to mental health and there are too many teens that fall through the cracks with lengthy waiting lists and then being transferred services.


  2. I agree with your point about how frustrating it is that mental health is not discussed. But a lot of people suffer from mental health and they don’t see the answer as shooting up a school. It’s a tough one 😦
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    1. I absolutely agree with you. However, it really does depend on the environment they’re in, the severity of the illness and what’s going on in their head. I think it’s a very small percentage of the overall mental health problem we’re having with our children.

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    1. I wish your system wasn’t ignoring it but we’re understaffed, undermanned, way underfunded and it’s almost like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop and praying it doesn’t. Thanks for your comment


  3. The recent school shooting was so sad. I heard a lot of my friend’s father’s coworkers having to leave work to go to that school to make sure that their kids are OK. It really hit close to home. It is so sad that the boy was pushed to this point. It is definitely important to know signs before something like this happened. I always do a mental health check at work to make sure that people are provided with the resource they need.

    Nancy ♥


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