Is New York City spiraling down a bad hole?

Do you live in New York or know someone who does? I ask for your opinion on this post in the comments below.

I turned in WABC New York channel 7 news – have a app for that called ‘NewsON’. There was a big rally with signs like’ Don’t let those pigs touch us’. This resulted from a cell phone video showing an officer punching a 15-year-old boy. The police claim they were responding to a call of two groups fighting and the boy assaulted an officer. The boys’ family denies that and says he was retrieving a backpack he left behind. Another video showed police pointing their guns at a subway windows suspecting a person had a weapon. Needless to say, there was a large, angry group on the streets. The latest on the subway incidents can be read by clicking here.

Four recent stories highlight how things are breaking down.

STORY 1 – In Chinatown, a man beat four homeless persons to death with a large metal pipe. He had been arrested numerous times and was homeless himself.

STORY 2 – A homeless person picked up a small boy and threw him on to the concrete in front of his grandparent’s house. The man had a history of mental illness

STORY 3 – A mentally ill person assaulted a police officer with a metal chair while he and his partner were arresting a homeless person urinating inside a nail salon. The police tried to subdue the man with tasers but wound up shooting the man to death. The victim’s family had pleaded with the city mental health services that he was spiraling out of control and desperately needed help to no response. Charges against the man urinating in the salon are pending but he is out on no bail.

STORY 4 – A judge in the Bronx has released two suspects who were aiming illegal guns at people and firing them in the streets with no bail. Both suspects were caught on video firing the weapons and have lengthy rap sheets.

I visit New York a lot, although I haven’t gotten back since 2013. I remember riding the subways, walking out late and saw no problems that stood out. Apparently, things have changed, so I wanted to find out what’s been happening in NYC .

Kendra’s Law

This is a law that states a judge can order involuntary assisted outpatient treatment for persons with mental illness who may be dangerous to themselves or others for a period of one year. According to independent research, Kendra’s Law reduced arrests by 83 percent and incarceration by 87 percent for those under supervision. Another study found that individuals in the program are four times less likely to commit violence than the untreated mentally ill. It has been shown to decrease homelessness by over 70%. However, reports say the law is being scaled back by the Mayor’s office. Currently, 1,600 people in the city are required to receive treatment under Kendra’s Law and 15 percent of them are homeless. However, last year Mayor de Blasio has cut down the number of people in it by 10%. Less than half the estimated number of people who should be in it are in it.


This is a program started by Mayor de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, is the program director. The program began in began in 2015 to address issues like depression and suicide particularly in low-income and minority communities. The program’s main initiatives are a hotline to refer people for treatment and mental health first aid training, classes given at churches and schools. There is a lot of confusion with the program as far as where the 250 million yearly budget for ThriveNYC is being spent. The NYC WELL hotline is problematic, and responders can tell you the wait may be days out for assistance. There have been over 500,000 calls, texts and chats to the hotline since fall of 2016.


More like no or little bail for nonviolent crimes in NYC. I recently read about a gang member charged with 34 counts being granted bail of 6,000 dollars by a judge. He later went and sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl after his release. After January 1 of next year, those charged with criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, a wide range of drug-dealing offenses, weapons possession on school grounds, resisting arrest — even assault on a person less than 11 years old — will be given little to no bail and be back on the streets. This goes for even those who may be suffering from a mental illness. Currently, most pre-trial non-violent offenders are mandated released without bail after laws were passed at the state level. More on the bail program can by clicking here. Now the mayor might give them baseball tickets and gift cards?

Police Officers and communities

My friends reminded me about the 10 officers committed suicide this year in NYC. We also talked about cops getting water dumped on them and every time there is a tense standoff there are cellphones out making the police look bad. The police feel the mayor and police administrations don’t have their backs. Communities continue to complain about police brutality – like what happened to the boy in the subway – and many officers do not want to patrol certain parts of the city. My friend knows some officers and their families. They say morale is very low and many are either resigning or wanting to be transferred elsewhere. Many are afraid of being disciplined for doing their jobs and losing their jobs and pensions. Another sad NYPD story can be read by clicking here.

I again please ask that if you live in New York or know someone who does? I ask for your opinion on this post in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Is New York City spiraling down a bad hole?

  1. I don’t really know much about living in the US, as I’ve only been there once on holiday.

    But if your country makes accessing proper health care almost impossible unless your wealthy, with diabetics reasoning their insulin and dying as a result, simply because they can no longer afford to buy the medication they need. Then their are going to be people with mental health problems who also can’t take the medication they need, and although rare, acts if violence may happen as a results.

    With the US’s history with race relations and police brutally, it’s not that surprising that they always have phones in their faces and being recorded. Nor is it a surprise that they will protest the police (although the choice of slogans wouldn’t be my first choice in which to do it).

    I recently watched an episode of Adam Ruins Everything, which talks about the power and influence of the police union, which often makes it’s officers untouchable when they step across the line.

    Furthermore, in a country where anyone could have a gun, the police are going to be trained to see every situation as if a gun could be present, which is often the causes of a lot of the incidents people protest about.

    Thus, my opinion as an outsider, isn’t that NY is going down the toilet, so to speak, it’s that the US has a lot of underlying problems that no one in power seems to want to help resolve


    1. By no means do I think New York City is the only city going through this. Several big cities around our nation are going through the same problems but since I am from there I wanted to highlight issues going on in New York City. You are right about the unions and the Stranglehold they have over teachers and police and other occupations on the East Coast. It’s a lot different here in Arizona .


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