Is New York City spiraling down a bad hole?

2 thoughts on “Is New York City spiraling down a bad hole?”

  1. I don’t really know much about living in the US, as I’ve only been there once on holiday.

    But if your country makes accessing proper health care almost impossible unless your wealthy, with diabetics reasoning their insulin and dying as a result, simply because they can no longer afford to buy the medication they need. Then their are going to be people with mental health problems who also can’t take the medication they need, and although rare, acts if violence may happen as a results.

    With the US’s history with race relations and police brutally, it’s not that surprising that they always have phones in their faces and being recorded. Nor is it a surprise that they will protest the police (although the choice of slogans wouldn’t be my first choice in which to do it).

    I recently watched an episode of Adam Ruins Everything, which talks about the power and influence of the police union, which often makes it’s officers untouchable when they step across the line.

    Furthermore, in a country where anyone could have a gun, the police are going to be trained to see every situation as if a gun could be present, which is often the causes of a lot of the incidents people protest about.

    Thus, my opinion as an outsider, isn’t that NY is going down the toilet, so to speak, it’s that the US has a lot of underlying problems that no one in power seems to want to help resolve


    1. By no means do I think New York City is the only city going through this. Several big cities around our nation are going through the same problems but since I am from there I wanted to highlight issues going on in New York City. You are right about the unions and the Stranglehold they have over teachers and police and other occupations on the East Coast. It’s a lot different here in Arizona .


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